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Executive Lawnmowers has been established on providing an excellent customer experience service to assist each customer with the existing lawnmower or in purchasing a new lawnmower. Each Customer relationship is unique to us. We provide proffesional experienced service in the lawnmower industry.


Sales of new Lawnmowers, Brushcutters, Gardening equipment, Generators and selected spare parts to all major popular brands.


After-Sales-Service to our repair work and newly sold equipment to our customers. Making sure our services to our new and existing customers is to a satisfactory standard. Expert advice, After sales service, Warrenty claim Service repairs to all major popular brands of Lawnmowers, Brushcutters, and Generators.


  • Warranty claims of most popular lawnmower brands.
  • Repairs to Lawnmowers, brush cutters, generators and other related mechanical equipment